The Persistent Preparation.


The ‘to do’ list never gets shorter, and the first epic race of the season hangs over me like a major school exam. Along with filling the hours with sailing and boat work there is a three day long course to revise, not that I ever did any revision for school exams. However fitting everything in to the night before not only won’t cut it for this race but it’ll also be quite dangerous.











My boat, Artemis 23, has finally been released from its shed and we have been getting revved up to go sailing these last few weeks. Unfortunately the boat had become a tad shed like herself; lifesaving repairs had gone into and around the keel, the bit that keeps the boat upright, after previous owners had selfishly run her into the rocks a few times. But sacrificing parts of my own life for hers, sleeping, gyming and eating, she is looking more worthy of the start line every day.

Hull repaired and keel going back in.

Our time out here in Lorient is drawing to a close and we are making our plans to advance from this town as the travelling circus that is the Artemis Offshore Academy moves forward. We had our last training session of this winter in a rainy 25knts, filled with drenching bow work and screaming reaches, perhaps pushing ourselves and the boats to race limits. Any more genoa changes on the bow however will require the purchase of a dry top, or perhaps a dry suit.

No looking back
As I hope you can tell this process is all in good humour, I couldn’t think of much more I’d like to be doing right now. I would like a few more days in the week and a few more weeks before race day but as the French say, “C’est la vie.”

Sit back and enjoy the ride

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