The Temperature is Rising.

23 reach

The aftermath of the Solo Concarneau offshore race has created a highly motivated version of myself. It really is a wonderful feeling having lots of energy to get up in the morning and to stay motivated all day. I seriously recommend racing a boat offshore for 2 days on your own to give you an extra kick in life. I had a month to prepare for the next race of this season which now takes place from the 15th to the 25th of April, so the time is almost up for the next big test. But every day the sun is getting stronger, making sailing ever more appealing and forgetting to apply sun cream more regrettable.

After fixing the list of breakages on the boat and upgrading a few areas I am finally happy with the condition of boat number 23, not only is she looking better but I am understanding how she feels and how to make her go fast. This might be a weird way to talk about an inanimate object and you would be right, but for me it’s through the feel and response that I can tell what settings to change and so on.

Might look a mess but everything is in its proper place…

Taking my new mental attitude and stronger relationship with the boat onto the water for training against the rest of the training group has been a great way to measure my performance. And I am happy to report that performance has increased this month, by some percentage or other, which has given me more confidence to race a lot harder in the pack.

So this time next week the circus moves on to its next venue, the famous Les Sables-d’Olonne about half way down the west coast of France. This will be the start and finish of the infamous Vendée Globe this year so I am very excited to be visiting and racing around an area steeped in so much offshore solo heritage. Our race the Solo Maitre Coq , sponsored by a chicken company (yum), is made up of a series of inshore races and a big 320mile offshore race. It will be interesting as I try to retain my composure for the more important 2 day offshore race after some intense inshore battles.

Last years racing,Solo Maitre Coq 2015

I am looking forward to the 100+ mile trip to our venue first as I still have some offshore questions I’dlike answering, and what better way than sailing on your own for more than 12 hours to find the answers?



One thought on “The Temperature is Rising.

  1. Well done Hugh. Sable D’onne is a great place to sail from, bur access from thr town can be a bore. Keep up with the back in your next ooshore race. Remember de Gaule’s saying ” 50 million frenchmen can’t be wrong”, sd don’t go off on a fler unless you have some exclusive knowledge the rest don’t have. Unlikely I think.
    I envy you thr super weather to come. Barbara and I will be watching the Round the Island race from a Saga cruise liner. Better than being ashore I suppose.

    Love nad best wishes Alan


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