The Hunt for Sponsorship


The Hunt for Sponsorship

Sponsors in sailing are a rare breed, bagging one is proving tough, but I am in the process of coaxing them out. I am also slowly becoming more business savvy; you see to catch a sponsor one must think like a sponsor, the hunting references will continue. My bait essentially has already been picked; it is a Figaro racing yacht and me, a very ambitious dedicated sailor. The idea currently is to make this bait as attractive as possible; the elusive sponsor must be completely enticed if it is to be caught.

There is more on offer than branding

In the world of sport sponsorship, sailing has a long list of unique opportunities that can be worth a lot to a business. Head over to the SPONSORSHIP page if you want to know more but the point is I am thinking up new and wonderful ways for an investor to get the most out of working with me. In the meantime there have been a few adventures this month.

SHAKTI going back in the water after working on her keel

To start with I raced on board SHAKTI a Ker 46… 46 feet of carbon race boat, very sleek and sailed with a good bunch a mainly German guys. We sailed the final RORC race of the British season, 75 mile sprint out of the Solent and south to Cherbourg. Wet and reasonably windy it was another learning experience with a crew of 9, met a lot of good sailing chaps and won the IRC zero class with a 6th overall. I can also tell you, if you want to achieve excellent back pain, try and sleep on the rail of a racing yacht as it crosses the English Channel.

Cool new graphics

I got back into my rebranded Figaro which made me very happy, sailing with the Academy gang against plumbers and builders in the Polypipe Regatta. Our team of professional sailors embarrassingly won the whole event, the hope of widening interest and support in our Academy may have had a better response if we finished second, or fixed a few boilers in our spare time.

Gracious in victory

For a second year I worked at the Southampton Boatshow, selling safety to the seafaring community, encouraging them to buy and wear lifejackets. Standing up all day in uncomfortable shoes and being polite to potentially thousands of people, it was character building. I like to think I have made a difference to the public’s safety on the water, and that it wasn’t all for the money.

Selling lots of life jackets with Crewsaver

On top of a very fun an interesting project with Musto, that I can’t delve into too much yet, September has been filled with new and exciting things. The sponsorship proposal is ever updating to capture investors and being sent out to more and more people, the hunt won’t end until a sponsor has been bagged, you can be assured of that.



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