Clever Volvo Ocean Race, keeping women in sailing.

Excitingly the people at the Volvo Ocean Race are leaking new rules about next year’s race. Is releasing the changes slowly a wise marketing strategy? OR is this so someone like me, with not much on, can have a chance to write about them online?… Perhaps the first one. However I have taken a rest from finding loose pennies from behind cushions, planting money trees and writing about myself. Because thinking about the Volvo is more interesting.


The rule is as shown above, as if sailing wasn’t complicated enough. Now team selection is even more important and tactical. VOR teams can CHOOSE to have female sailors on the team. And maybe they will realise that some of the world’s best sailors are of the female persuasion. Will they stick with 7 big lads? Or get some more hands and experienced heads for no extra charge? I would particularly like to see a team made of 5 women and 5 men, true equality, and be so outstanding that sport in general becomes more mixed liked sailing and tennis.

I love this rule, unfortunately not being a woman I can’t make advantage of it however I can spectate and watch the racing change. Last time racing was tighter than a ducks arse and the change in team dynamics might loosen things up a bit between the one design boats. There is also the ability to change the combination from leg to leg; the first leg from Alicante to Lisbon could be an absolute boyz zone with 7 testosterone fuelled chaps chewing up the initial 600 miles of the race. Then a bigger equally mixed team sailing the whoppers, such as leg 3, Cape Town to Hong Kong via the west coast of Australia. Anyway the possibilities excite me.

Which combination on what leg?

I also love the development of a one way media feed off the boats so fans can be more involved. I love it because I am a fan and I do want to be more involved. BUT I also love it because of what sailors might say in 140 characters. I know personally that a lack of sleep and food can cause tantrums on a boat, combined this with southern ocean stress and a male/female feud. Venting online could be very entertaining #whoops. Oh and no option to see the reaction could produce a shock for sailors stepping back onto the land of political correctness.

For me, sailing offshore alone, I would snatch at the chance to tell the world my stories while racing. And like I said before I am not a women BUT I am under 30 and there are now two places a boat for being under 30. And a new 8th boat?! The 2017-2018 Volvo Ocean Race is already set to be lively.

Boys and Girls CAN work together

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