About me


My name is Hugh Brayshaw and I have been racing sailing boats for 12 years or so. Following the RYA pathway I have been lucky enough to race in some amazing places against the best in the world with my fair share of success. After 3 years within the British Sailing Team crewing a 470 I am now training to better myself as an offshore sailor. Completing my ‘Rookie’ year in the solo Figaro class I searching for support for a second year in the one design competitive class.


At the age of 23 I am consistently adding to my skills list and widening my experiences in racing making me a better and wiser sailor. From racking up the miles at sea to planning and organising campaigns I have become a knowledgeable and passionate sailor.

470 Garda 3470 Garda 4

I have taken numerous essential skills from my dinghy racing into yachting, many of which can only be learnt when you have spent a years racing from junior, to youth and into an Olympic class.

A Brief History:

Myself and helm Mike Wood sailed in the 420 class for 2 years, we won the Youth Nationals in 2010 and was selected to represent the country at the ISAF Youth Worlds in Istanbul achieving a 6th place at a testing venue.

Mike Wood and Hugh Brayshaw,420 Class,GBR 53966

We continued into the 470 receiving silver medals at the U22 European Championships in 2012 and 2013. The achievement I am most proud of however was a 16th place at the 2013 Open World Championships in La Rochelle, racing against over 110 boats and alongside, often in front of, Olympic medallists. Here I really learnt about what it would take to become one of those medallists and the extent of specific training to be undertaken on top of the already long days of training through the harsh British winters.

470 Garda 5470 Pwllheli 4

So now offshore solo sailing and still climbing a sheer learning curve, after one year of sailing the Figaro my motivation and love for the sport hasn’t died away. I will always be pushing forward to acheive more and ultimatley race around the world.



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