The achievements within offshore solo sailing can be directly linked to the amount of investment and interest obtained. Sponsoring Hugh Brayshaw Racing will create a wide range of unique opportunities and benefits for businesses and private investors alike.


There is a massive branding opportunity, as a title sponsor you will have the vast majority of sail and boat coverage to create essentially a moving billboard. Through emotive, action filled pictures or first hand, audiences will see and more importantly talk about the boat. The ability to target audiences in this way and change how they think can be a valuable resource.


Essentially you have a performance racing yacht and professional skipper at your disposal, how you want to use this is exactly is up to you. The Figaro has already proven to provide an excellent  time out on the water. Taking clients, employees, guests and friends on the boat out to sea is worth a lot on its own, combined with a more structured plan and the benefits can be huge. Take part in racing, run various team building exercises or purposefully sail into bad weather and come away with lessons and stories to last.


In the world of sport sponsorship, sailing, and particularly solo offshore racing, can offer so much more than the ordinary. There is a valuable return on every penny that goes in, for more information please get in touch.

Either call me on +447825083165

Or Email me at HughBrayshaw@Hotmail.co.uk


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