Solitaire Sit Rep

I have had a weekends rest before the final and perhaps most grueling leg of the Solitaire 2017, however after the first 3 legs it will be tough to manage another. This weekend was a time to reflect and analyse but also sleep, eat, wash, talk to people and do everything else we take for … More Solitaire Sit Rep

Why you should be following the Vendée Globe.

Whether you’re a sailor or a normal this race should excite you, even if you’re not French. Yes, it is named after a French region, it starts and finishes in France AND most of the sailors are French…but hold on…It originates, like many sports, from the mighty British Isles and formed historical figures such as … More Why you should be following the Vendée Globe.

Clever Volvo Ocean Race, keeping women in sailing.

Excitingly the people at the Volvo Ocean Race are leaking new rules about next year’s race. Is releasing the changes slowly a wise marketing strategy? OR is this so someone like me, with not much on, can have a chance to write about them online?… Perhaps the first one. However I have taken a rest … More Clever Volvo Ocean Race, keeping women in sailing.

Big August overflow

  RORC Ile d’Ouessant Race After being granted the title of Yachtmaster and completing my first Cowes Week with exhausting corporate hospitality I was still only in the first half of August. There was little rest to be had as I was competing in a 400 mile offshore race the very next day after Cowes … More Big August overflow

Big August

Big August The solo Figaro circuit for me has come to an end and this month has been all about bettering my abilities for next year. After some deliberation I have decided that what really gets me up in the morning is the prospect of racing in another Solitaire du Figaro, so I’m using all … More Big August